Here are some of the organizations Amber has worked with, and what her clients are saying:

“Amber’s teachings have helped our employees and clients release stress, and improve their overall wellbeing. Amber provides a wealth of knowledge that helps all of us live more authentically, and to our fullest potential. Her insights have inspired us to improve our diets, think more positively, and seize more opportunties for yoga in everyday life. She offers gentle encouragement without judgement, and a little bit of humor (which is always appreciated!). Practicing yoga and wellness with Amber has become a weekly gift that helps us put the stresses, labors, and challenges of the week into better perspective. Amber’s positve thinking, patience, and love of yoga has been inspiring. Thank you Amber, for bringing healthy habits into our workplace!”
~Jennifer Mador, Co-Founder, Eclipse Post, Inc.

"Thank you for speaking at our company meeting--you were fantastic and a huge hit with the team! Your message was very impactful and comes at a great time when we all are managing phenomenal growth accompanied by additional stress."

“Amber Barry is a truly unique and special person. Her knowledge, energy, and love are thread throughout her teaching. Amber delivers a whole mind and body experience, resulting in improved mental and physical well being. She lives and breathes what she teaches, and it shows in how she dedicated she is to helping her students get the most out of their practice, and how earnest she is in what she teaches. I have come miles from where I started in yoga, due to Amber’s friendly and non-judgmental approach to life. Acceptance, patience, peace, love and strength are virtues that come alive in practicing with Amber. This what she is meant to do, and many will benefit from her gift.”
~ Nicole Theis, Director of Marketing at Wiremesh Products 

“I was introduced to Amber’s teachings while on location in Atlanta for a film shoot. Making a movie involves a hectic schedule with a lot of long hours, little exercise, and a lot of unhealthy food. In the middle of that maelstrom of bad health, Amber was a ray of light. She fit private yoga sessions into my busy shooting schedule. During those practices, she made me, a relative beginner, not only feel comfortable from the first moment I hit the mat, but giving me the tools and confidence to make the practice a daily part of my life. Almost a year later, I still practice what I learned from Amber every day — even now from my home in California, 2,000 miles away. I also arranged a private yoga session with her and one of our A-list actors and he raved about her as well. Amber is a brilliant instructor, and I highly recommend her business!”
~ Don Handfield, Partner at The Combine Film Production

“Amber’s teachings, and gentle encouragement, are making it possible for me to avoid painful and extensive (not to mention expensive!) shoulder surgery.”
~ Cynthia Briscoe Brown, District 8 Representative, APS Board of Education

“Amber Barry’s balance of effort and ease set the foundation for a lifelong path of yoga for me over 10 years ago. A neurologist suggested the practice of yoga as a complimentary approach to treatment of a neurological movement disorder. Little did either of us know, yoga would quickly become the primary approach to treating this condition! It was Amber’s skillfull guidance that paved the way for my own yoga journey of spirit and overall well being. She has continued to empower me to grow along with my practice so that I am able now to share the teachings with children, particulary those with special physical, behavioral and emotional needs. Thank you, Amber!”
~ Misty Alexander, Teacher at Peachtree Elementary

“I have studied yoga on and off for several years and with different coaches. Amber Barry is by far the best and most well-rounded coach for whom one could ask! She is always well-organized, knowledgable, and detail-oriented, and her methods are effective and motivating. I have become a continuous student of yoga thanks to her efforts, and my results speak for themselves!”
~Robert Harris, Anesthesiologist at Emory School of Medicine

“Amber’s classes are a powerful experience. She believes that yoga is about how you feel, and not how you look. Students are encouraged to practice with intuition, and become their own teacher. As an teacher, Amber is motivational, fun, considerate, intelligent, and gives us a push when needed. Whether you want to loosen up, get toned, build strength, or just be more at peace with yourself, Amber is the best!”                  

~ Dr. Phil Weiss, Pediatrician 

What can we do to stress less? It starts with what you believe...as the mind, so the man. The quality of our thoughts determine the quality of our life. Amber's teachings about mind management will transform the way you perceive stress, and change your life forever.